Monday, June 30, 2008

Obese Abusive White People vs Slim Hardworking Robots - Wall-E

Spoilers of "Wall-E" to follow so read only after you've seen the movie. This weekend I watched the much anticipated Disney/Pixar production, "Wall-E. On the one hand we have a scathing indictment of humans and their wholesale destruction of the planet. I liked this green message, if for anything, after leaving the theater I wanted to ride my bike more.

However, though containing some important cautionary messages such as global warming, consumerism, and dangerous dietary habits of too many Americans, this movie still adheres to the status quo. For instance, only privilege whites could leave toxic Earth. Through 700 years of living on what is equivalent to "the Love Boat" in space, they evolved into big-gulp-sipping, internet addicted, obese humans, unable to even walk. They live day to day in the lounge position and move about by hover chairs. This population rely completely on the labor of "robots" to keep the spaceship functioning. These "robots" (or badly disguised minorities and others on the margins) along with Wall-E from Earth save the day, but they do so only for the establishment (aka humans) to reap the rewards.

In remaining safe, "Wall-E" never quite follows through with its social commentaries. Mixed messages include: humans can destroy the planet but in due time they can return to repeat the cycle of abuse; or flesh and blood humans, because of their good heart, can learn to improve their lot if they just wake up from their virtual stupor; but really, only the hardworking, obedient robots can understand right from wrong and express real emotions.

That said, if you watch "Wall-E" for purely entertainment purposes, it's engaging enough. Animation lives up to Pixar standards.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Lovemakers

By far the best live band that can compel you to take off half of your clothes and kiss the cutest person next to you is, The Lovemakers. This Oaktown band was formed by guitar sensation Scott Blonde and Stanford grad marine biologist, Lisa Light, after they were kicked out of their previous band for "hooking up". Together with middle-aged software engineer and keyboardist, Jason Proctor, they successfully revived 80s new wave adding their own special pop/hip hop flair.

What endears me to this band aside from the fact that they exude pure sexuality, is their quirky song lyrics. In "Internet Girlfriend" from their first album self-titled, "The Lovemakers", Light taunts Blonde with her new "friend" driving him to jealous delirium. The standout favorites of their sophomore album, "Time of Romance" includes, "Is it Alright?" which tells of a woman that sneaks into her friend's bedroom to whisper subliminal love messages. In "Set me Free" Light laments on her own misery living with an ex who now has a new girlfriend. And I can never get enough of "Prepare for the Fight," my personal anthem to kick ass in every aspect of my life. All these songs speaks to really awkward and painful events with sheer wit and humor, so you cannot help but laugh as you dance your ass off.

In their current LP endeavor sans Jason Proctor, "Misery Loves Company," The Lovemakers moved away from synthesizers to more gritty guitar sounds. Like their previous record, they sing about misery, however, it lacks the wicked sense of humor I'm so fond of. Also, with only five tracks, it takes more work to pick a favorite. "Naturally Lonely" seems the most solid of the bunch. I'm looking forward to their forth album which I hope will offer some of the twisted lyrics and ass shaking sounds of their previous works.

They play locally often so do check them out if you're in the Bay Area.
The Lovemakers "Prepare for the fight" BFD pre-party -

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Penis Envy - On Being a Guy

My 6-years-old cousin likes to announce that she is a boy. Sometimes she also says she’s an alien, but then goes back to being a boy or boy alien. I remembered my own childhood and how I made similar pronouncements at her age. In our Freudian latent society, some may theorize my cousin and I have penis envy. I think it’s simpler than that.

As James Brown sang, “it’s a man’s world”. Even with a fair amount of international gains made for women’s rights, men still rule the universe. Knowing this, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which gender has the advantage. Boys get and are encouraged to run wild and be, well, boys. Early in life we often notice it’s the men in our homes, outside, on TV…that have voice and power. So, how have some of us females dealt with it?

In Japan there exist women who dress like men, act like men, and date women like heterosexual men do. They are called nyuhafu, rejubian, danso no reijin…and mostly are seen as lesbians. A movement began in the 1960s where these cross-dressers even ran nightclubs catering to women. I always wondered about these cross-dressers. Did they enter this life because in Japan their homosexuality allowed them some semblance of social acceptability only by way of cross-dressing as a butch to be with a femme? Or like is it that they understand all too well how men are treated and they want to mimic that gender dynamics?

Albania also has their own brand of cross-dressing and gender bending as forms for social advancement. As the International Herald Tribune reported this week, traditionally, if there is no longer a male head of the household, a female member can choose to take on that role. This transformation involves a woman swearing “himself” to celibacy and entering the male world in all social aspects. Once the choice is made, they age and even die as men.

The picture above is Eun Chan of popular Korean soap, "Coffee Prince". In this controversial and oh so addictive series, tomboy Eun Chan passes as a young man in order to get and keep a job in a coffee shop. The relationship "he" develops with "his" straight male boss was the buzz among Korean youth in 2007 -- mainly because of a "homosexual kiss". Yet another (albeit fictional) example of the strategies women use to find some equal ground with men.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Fucked with the Electric Car?

I remember in 2002, I really REALLY wanted a Rav4 EV (electric car). At that time it was about the size as my current gas monster Toyota Matrix - small. But before I could order one, I was told they were not going to make them anymore, and indeed by 2003, Toyota stopped production. What more, they recalled the ones already on the streets. Bottom line is this, we had/have the design and technology to drive cute, emission-free, non gas using cars over a decade ago. Electric car technology was around the time of gas fueled combustible engines. This country does not have the electric car due to many factors.

In the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car," they point to the following guilty fuckers.
Consumers - for being stupid enough to believe the propaganda against electric cars.
Oil companies - for keeping Americans dependent on oil.
Car companies - for wanting to make money off crap cars that need fixing all the time and only making change when the government forces their hand.
Government - for suing states like California for it's attempts to pass mandates for automobile emissions.
California Air Resources Board - in a clear conflict of interests, board head, Alan Lloyd, repealed an electric car mandate.
Hydrogen fuel cell - a completely bogus alternative that is decades away from creating a usable car but had been backed by the US government and automobile industries.

Most of this crap happened under the current Bush administration. History will absolutely judge DubW and his cronies. I shake my head when I think the first president ever to be impeached was Clinton because he fucked with an intern (fyi, Nixon was threatened with impeachment but resigned before that could happen). While Bush fucks with America and the rest of the world and he's allowed to stand there as a representation of what we stand for. Disgust.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

California is on Fire

My girl from Beantown is coming to see me this week. She's a wino so of course she asks me to pick her up at the airport and drive straight to Napa. Sleep is of little importance, she needs the happy juice. So, I think I'm cool. I say, "Napa is for amateurs, we need to go to my secret place where all the good wine flows". Then I hear that the Valley has fires, serious fires.

Like a good nerd, I go to then google earth for a map. The image above was what I saw. I'm thinking, wtf? Is California on fire? My Boston girl then calls to add, "California is on fire!"

People, for anyone outside of certain areas in the Valley where most of the fires have been contained, California is not on fire. Also for future reference, California is not going to sink to the bottom of the ocean during our next 5 point earthquake either. Oh, and keep in mind we call a State of Emergency when we get more than two inches of rain. This has been a public service announcement.

Update: Since this post, more fires broke out and we have a natural disaster on our hands. Though I'm still unaffected in the Bay Area, many parts of the state have had homes burnt down and the evacuation of residents. Keep safe.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Soulja Boy vs Asian Boy

Some of you may have heard the break out dance hit by Soulja Boy, "Crank Dat" (btw, "Superman dat ho" means when a guy sprays his "wintery spirits" on a girls back and sticks a sheet to it making it look like a Superman cape). Well, local boyz from Hawaii, Ryan Higa & Sean Fujiyoshi came up with their own dance favorite, "Yank Dat Cameltoe" (for those not aware of the term 'camel toe', see image in box to the left).

Seems both songs have their own "special" merits. Check out their videos below.

Soulja Boy - Crank Dat

Asian Boy - Yank Dat Cameltoe

Sunday, June 22, 2008

White People Have Gone Ethnic!

Yes, the almighty gods have answered my prayers. White people have gone ethnic! It’s no mystery for many of those who have heard me talk about race relations to think I’m racist. It’s difficult to explain casually to people my rhetoric when my ideas are informed by too many years of schooling and personal experiences. These conceptualizations and realizations are ever changing and continue to evolve. I speak often times as a person of color (POC) and other times as a mixed race woman. In both instances, I’m critical of all racial/ethnic groups but take special interest in white people and here is why.

For me, white people are so damn complacent, aggressive, insecure, funny, expressive, egotistical…in their own special white ways. They have, over centuries in the US, developed a white culture. Unfortunately for us non-whites, most whites do not view themselves as ethnic. Instead of embracing their specific ethnic characteristics and learning how to articulate their culture, they say, “I’m just an American”.

Then comes This has to be my current top pick for a website. Here you have Christian Lander discussing in concise, meaningful, ‘scientific’ and best of all, humorous blog entries about what white people like. More specifically, how and why white people are the way they are that draws them to the things they like. Most impressive is how Christian writes with a self-conscious, over-thinking and over-compensating ethos, so much like every other ethnic group in existence when seen as the Other.

I curtsy to the fine work by Christian and hope that white readers of his blog will find solace in knowing once and for all that they have a culture. Viva la White People!

For pleasure, view below, East Coast - West Coast "inter-ethnic strife".

East Coast Tea Partay

West Coast Green Tea Partay

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Gook Man - My Unabashed Disgust for McCain

McCain has been on my radar for some time mainly because he's a Viet Nam War vet. But he's been on my shit list since his run for the presidency in 2000. That's when he used a racial epithet offensive to just about every yellow brothah and sistah out there, "gook"! As a former MIA, McCain explained he only meant his captors in the Communist Vietnamese prison camps when he said, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

"Gook" for Asian Americans is akin to "Niggah" for African Americans, and yet this presidential candidate used "gook" publicly without apology even when he was made fully aware of the historical and social implications of its usage. What will this racist relic say next, "Oriental" or "colored"? Age is but one concern. Check out the age debate on He's older than the polio vaccine and penicillin, by the way.

McCain is dangerous not just because he's a delusional SOB who probably cannot remember his own lies, but mainly because he's successfully duped people into thinking he's a moderate Republican. Maybe he got help from the same advisers that brilliantly marketed DubW as just an average Joe (not born with a silver spoon in mouth at all). Corporate media has not adequately reported on McCain's clear rightwing stance nor are they highlighting his many contradictions. Below are some of his major flip flopping.

Friday, June 20, 2008

West Indian Girl - The Ultimate Trip

In a word - no, there are no words, I'm captured completely. That's the sensation upon experiencing the West Indian Girl's live performance at the Rickshaw in SF last night. If a Siren made her way to shore one day, befriended couple of Centaurs and asked Pan to write some music for them, you'd get the West Indian Girl. This trip rock experience really is of mythical proportions. The pastiche of sounds from Mariqueen's hypnotic callings and Rob's decidedly soothing chants, backed by the stylings of Fran's bass was joy in Pandora's box. And let's not forget the visuals. The band not only play like gods, they look like them as well. There's too many hot members with such diverse cool looks that you'll find your favorite with ease.

Also, I think it amusing that Fran once said if his band doesn't get signed, he'd go into a PhD program. Thank god they got signed! Not to knock academia but do we really need another professor when we can have West Indian Girl? I cannot say enough about this amazing band, except them not yet "making it big" is an ungodly crime. They play today in Sacto so I hope my peeps in the valley get a chance to catch them.

"What You Are Afraid Of"

After concert pix. It helped that their biggest fan dragged me to the show. Thanks, Mai.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Future of Home Entertainment is Here

Who needs network TV programs, cable or even rental DVDs when you have the likes of,, or the grand daddy of them all, These sites have everything from Today Show clips to Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Gallactica to the film “Lost in Translation" for FREE. They sometimes even offer HD, making look like carriage wagons to their Maseratis. in particular has secured contracts with NBC, Fox and Viacom. Additionally, is in the running as Time's top 10 best websites for 2008. My vote is with them.

So, why waste your precious energy walking to the next room where the conventional TV lives when you can effortlessly surf on your keyboard to get TV shows and so much more right to your computer. I for one will never need to move from my lumbar computer chair again. Except to salsa, that is.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't Eff Up Democrats! Register to Vote

Obama is the democratic candidate for the 2008 elections. Don’t count this one in the bag my Democratic friends. Anything can happen like having a village idiot and his conservative machinery steal the elections not once but twice. Then together running the once most powerful neo empire to the ground while filling their pockets with money made with American blood.

I will say this to Obama and the Democratic Party, stop trying to look like the freagin’ Republicans. Kindly stand up for the progressive ideals that will help the people of this nation thrive. Time to start remaking our country to one of "moral excellence". Going off to other parts of the world to dominate the people and steal their resources are transparent acts of exploitation motivated by greed and fueled by white supremist rationalization.

The US people are not stupid. Give us something to believe in, the more radical the better, and we will follow. Playing it safe only opens you up to attacks by the evil right. They are unified behind hate and lies. Obama better rope in the diverse ideas within the Democratic Party and contain it under a unified message. We will believe once that happens.

Get your asses out and register to vote if you have not already done so. It’s simple, just go here and fill out the forms.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mermaids - On Friendship

Been thinking about mermaids and I’m not sure the appeal. Because what can you do with the fishy part except grill it over a BBQ? Oh, I know, pretty tasteless, I mean the comment, not the fish, because I reckon the fish would taste damn good. But in all seriousness, mermaids have been the mainstay of our culture for some time. One of my favorite take on mermaids is in the classic This American Life episode discussing of all things, “The Little Mermaid”. I assure you amusement beyond bladder control. Download the Full Episode and listen to the first 21 minutes. Then ponder a while with me before reading my thoughts below. I'll stop my 'bitch squeling' now so you can begin the audio adventure.

Well, as you figured out, this radio piece had little to do with mermaids and much more to do with those endearing relationships in our lives. We all have that one friend we’ve known since grade school. We bicker with them like a married couple and they annoy us to no end, but the bond rivals that of sibling relationships. Same goes with those complex and convoluted relationships between parent and child. You'll only make yourself more miserable trying to change each other. Best just to accept each other's imperfections 'cause the obvious bond (like it or not) is there. That was at the core of the “mermaid” story for me. Oh, and as a techie wannabe, I got a tickle out of the old-school message forwarding system that predated the Internet!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Every Girl Ever - On Being Special

On the Best of Craig's List, there's an extremely insightful and clever essay about the proliferation of what is termed "The Every Girl Ever". This "Every Girl" decorates with items from Ikea and Pier One Imports, owns a moody cat, has too many pictures of her and her 'bitchy girlfriends' partying with alcohol in hand. And instead of conversing with her dates, she'd rather disappear into the bathroom for an irrational amount of time.

So, what does this say about too many of the adult women in the United States? It would seem that in their quest to feel or be treated special, such as believing exotic (mass produced) furniture from far away places would make them seem worldly, or taking party pictures to appear popular, these "Every Girls" are not special at all. In fact, they are rather insecure conformists.

Maybe with some introspection, they will realize that the first step to becoming special or unique is to not give a shit about what others think. If you happen to have crappy taste in furniture, so be it. Okay, so you need to drop a mean friend or two and cut down on the alcohol. At least it's for you and no one else, let alone a man who writes "Every Girl" type essays but he himself may very well be a frat boy who wears shorts to dinners and considers flat screen TVs highly coveted architectural pieces.

Okay, the moral of the story is, as special and unique as I think I am, I do relate to the "Every Girl". For instance, I happen to own an empty birdcage with a bird but the bird lives outside of the cage, is made of plastic, and chirps when it senses movement. The red antique bird cage reminds me of my youth in Viet Nam. The bird was given to me by a darling friend, which upon receiving it I could not understand why she bestowed on me such a silly present, but have since learned to love my birdie like a real pet. And the birdcage does have a function, it encloses white Christmas lights that give the illusion of a magical place when lit at night.

So, be different, or simply embrace the odd conformist things about yourself. I certainly have.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Positive Male Role Model Day

In this day and age when the idea of a “father” has gone through serious transitions, how relevant is Father’s Day? Many are without fathers or have less than stellar fathers. Some have found love and guidance from male figures that are not even related by blood. Don’t want to sound like a hippy dippy liberal Caliiiifooorniaaan, but if the shoe fits... So, on this day, instead of scratching my head over celebrating the idea of what a father is or should be, I’d rather give thoughts of love and gratitude for the wonderful male presence in my life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Be Green 101

We are a nation that collects cheap and cheaply made products. Our national flag should be a FOR SALE sign and our white house, Walmart. Evil marketing campaigns further add to our inexplicable WANT and NEED for material things. But nothing is for free, my friend. Our habits are made possible by the exploitation of underpaid laborers producing under poor conditions in other parts of the world (and sometimes even in our own backyard). Due to these realities, my ‘Fashion’ class decided to partake in the ‘Compact’ challenge. We went 28+ days without buying anything new, except for food, entertainment, and personal items. Check out our struggles on :

Friday, June 13, 2008

Marc Gabbana - Artist Extraordinaire

Illustrator and conceptual artist extraordinaire, Marc Gabbana, most known for his work on Matrix 2 & 3, Star Wars episodes I & II, Hellboy and Beowulf films, kindly showed me some of his illustrations today. Considering he's part of an exclusive group of folks who earn bank for their art, I found him extremely humble? I look forward to seeing things from his next projects! Check out his amazing rendering of Zion (from Matrix) below.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Bijou Story - Lost Dog

It was not easy, but I mustered the strength to put together a video discussing Bijou's disappearance. Hope my message gets across. We love and miss Bijou very much.

The Bijou Story
(800) 715-2859

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Street Traffic in Viet Nam

Vietnamese city street traffic may be described as a beautifully orchestrated symphony. I partook in this labyrinth of sounds while living in Viet Nam. You don't even think about the dangers when movements are made with such precision. On the darker side, I did witness three fatal motorcycle accidents when the instruments were out of tune. Below is an example of Ha Noi traffic.

Hanoi crazy night traffic from v!Nc3sl4s on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Young Hot Asian Am Bob Dylan : Priscilla Ahn

Okay, Priscilla is only a little like Dylan and much more like Carly Simon, but then the title would not sound as intriguing. Priscilla Ahn's debut album "A Good Day" drops today. Oh, yeah, she's bi so I can justify my woman crush on her. Her "Boob Song" is classic. Listen/view her "Dream" video below.

Colorism at its Finest

Colorism means discrimination based on skin color. It's rampant in Asia, Europe and certainly here in the Americas. In most all instances, lighter skin accords one higher status or more acceptance in the ruling or dominant culture. Often dark skin is equated with laborers who toil in the fields while light skin refers to the idle rich. In the States light skin represents also an ideal beauty as seen keenly in African American communities. We can attribute that instance to the legacy of slavery and the perpetuation that dark skinned people are second class citizens. Below are commercials from India of the best selling facial cream, "Light & Lovely". The brand name speaks for itself. What are your thoughts?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Leon Powe - Oaktown Boy Made Good

The last time I followed NBA basketball was when there was a Bird-Magic rivalry. Celtics were nearly an all white team, and aside from Kurt Rambis (aka Clark Kent), Lakers had a black squad. So, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Oakland native and Celtics basketball star, Leon Powe, during this years playoffs. Powe makes me proud to be an Oaklanese! Though a Lakers fan, I will support Boston just for Powe. It's my honor to present a clip discussing his struggles from Oaktown to Cal to the top of the NBA line-up.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Have One Friend (Kanye Concert Cont.)

Ok, I didn't make it to the Kanye concert June 6, 2008, but a really darling friend promised he'd go with me when the "Glow in the Dark" tour returns to the Bay Area. See, I have friends, I mean a friend. Does anyone know if Kanye is returning to the Bay Area at the end of summer, though? Check out his sick website at Good to see hip hop appropriating Japanese pop culture instead of the other way around all the time.

Don't Follow Blue Pink Unicorns

Now that is a mouthful of sexual innuendos (pun intended). If you don't heed this warning, though, bad things will happen. See for yourself:

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Boyfriend You Can Replace, A Pet, Never

Above were my mother's words when I told her Bijou was taken. She went on to say, "even with a husband you can remarry, but your pet? irreplaceable". Leave it to my mom to give it to me straight. I still don't feel comfortable discussing here the details of Bijou's disappearance (see right for a brief explanation), but promise to do so fairly soon. I will say this, before Bijou went missing, we had already planned on adding a new puppy/sister to the family. That was put on hold as we all dedicated our time and resources into finding Bijou. But the sister was getting older and I had to pick her up. So, Loki came into our lives sans Bijou.

Though Bijou is a Yorkinese and Loki an Aussidoodle, their faces look very similar. It was hard to see that face for the past month while still looking for Bijou, but eventually I saw Loki for just Loki. She's a sweet, affectionate, playful, well-behaved little panda bear. I seriously think she will bring us good luck in finding her older sister. Loki means the god of mischief in Norse mythology. It is also the name of the hound that has been sniffing Bijou out. Pictured above is Bijou (left) and Loki (right), both at 5 months old. I ask for positive thoughts for finding Bijou. Thank you.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School is Out! KIT

This is startling, but I've been in school essentially all my life. First as a student and now as a professor. Strangely, I pretty much feel the same about the last days of school since kindergarten . As school ends, I always get mixed feelings of happiness that a long school year is over and sadness because I know I'll miss my students. If only we had yearbooks in my classes so on the last day we can bring in cake and sign each other's books. I will write, "KIT this summer! See you next year alligator".

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

Without fail every time I see dance, I want to dance. Having learned to cha cha before I could walk I wonder what life would have been like had I pursued dancing instead of academia (though I must confess, I love being an academic). What would the world be like if we all love what we do and do what we love. "So you think you can dance" offers a touching look into the lives of those who would literally bleed for their art; they love it that much. Inspirational! Below were my two favorite dances of the last season.

Samba with Danny and Lacey

Flower and Hummingbird with Hok and Jamie

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crimes Against Latin American Japanese in WWII

During WWII, the US directed an illegal, secret scheme of collecting hostages to exchange for US prisoners held by the Axis nations (Japan, Germany and Italy). The US state department rounded 2,264 men, women, and children of Japanese ancestry from 13 Latin American countries, brought them to the US and imprisoned them in INS detention camps. 900 were deported to a war torn Japan. 250 fought to stay in the US and another 100 were allowed to return to Latin America. Their stories go untold. Concepts like Guantanamo, illegal capture and detention, forced deportation...are not new to the US in recent history. Wake up Americans! Don't let them do this to us again! For more information, go here.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hip Hop History - Kanye West

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about how desperately I need to go to the (dubbed 'historical' and 'life changing') Kayne West Glow in the Dark concert. My friend would go, he said, except his wife is about to pop out a baby. He suggested I go with his son instead; the son in 18 and I'm *slightly* older. But, still I was down until my friend remembered that his son was already going with friends. Hence, I'm here sadly to report that my friends are either anti-hip hop, have hip problems, or simply too old to hop. One smartass student, on the other hand, theorized that I don't have friends. The concert is on June 6, 2008 Friday so I'm hoping someone who really loves me will read this post and ring me (to at least prove that punk student wrong). hint hint hint

Let Me Smell Yo Dick

Maybe I'll have to put back the 'adult content warning' again after this post. There's this deliciously raunchy song going around right now by Riskay, "Let me Smell Yo Dick". Honestly, the song smells of dependency on or dominance over men, but I love how others, like Goddess Glory has spoken about the 'smell yo dick' term. Oh, and Selena's rendition of the song leaves me speechless (and makes me want to play the guitar again). View both perspectives below. You like?

Sexy Cylons

Cylons from left to right: Six, D'Anna and Athena. With skinjobs like this, no wonder the human race is doomed. Watch these metal and flesh hotties kick ass on the 4th and final season of Battlestar Galatica (BSG). Who the frak do you think is the 5th of the final 5 cylons?

Humans Against Cyborgs (HAC)

If you believe evolution will favor artificial intelligence and we as humans must resist and fight this inevitable force, join the cause! Sign up for Humans Against Cyborgs (HAC) in The problem is, Battlestar Galactica (BSG), for example, has these sexy toasters that get humans to think, "heck, AI in those hot bods can't hurt." But, they can, oh, yes, they can.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Colbert vs Rain

Seldom do we have epic rivalries: briefs vs boxers, Kanye vs 50 cent, Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs, tomato vs tomato (or potato vs potato), Kobe vs Urban Ninja, old BSG vs new BSG...The Stephen Colbert ("neo-con" satirist of The Colbert Report) vs Rain (Korean pop sensation) rivalry joins this exclusive group. Who do you think has the upper hand?

Retrocreations - Santogold

In a truly clever "Futurama" episode, in the 31st century "Baby Got Back" is considered "classical music". That's how I feel about the music coming out these days; they have the breath, depth and familiarity of classical music. Santogold, for example, sounds to me like a cross between the Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star") and Go-Gos ("I Got the Beat"). Santogold channels a sassy Beethoven with "L.E.S. Artistes". Interestingly, some critiques have labeled her album hip hop when she herself said it is not. The reason for the discrepancy is too obvious to ignore. If she sounds more like 80s new wave revival (when forced to label her), naming her work hip hop is lazy, racist journalism. Not all brown skinned folks rap, yo! Enjoy below a brown woman not sounding hip hop/R&B and read her words here.

Kobe vs Urban Ninja

Nike's latest masterful and evil marketing campaign showcases Kobe (of Laker's fame) performing a series of jumping stunts (reported to be fake, fyi). The kids are already going crazy over these 'hyperdunk' sneakers and they won't drop until summer 2008. I say, Kobe has nothing over the Urban Ninja (who can use some endorsements himself, but NO Nike). What do you think?

The Good, the Bad and the Weird

My love of Korean films began with "Shiri" in 1999. It was an omg moment witnessing a blockbuster but with all Asian casts, the lights of which I have not seen since "Flower Drum Song" (1961). Okay, I am also fond of the Hong Kong flicks like "Hardboiled" or "Better Luck Tomorrow". But in "Shiri," the stars, action, propaganda,...were all tops. I will share with you my favorite Korean films from time to time; but, for now just want you to keep an eye out for the 2008 breakout gan mien western (my term ©2008), "The Good, the Bad and the Weird." Enjoy the trailer.