Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hibernation and Trump

It has occurred to me that I have not blogged in two years. It is not to say I lack social commentary, but rather, life got in the way. This blog is a re-inauguration of sorts. I want to toss my hat in to comment on the Trumster. You know, just a general diatribe about this fool.

When Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, I perceived it as publicity stunt. The man didn't have a platform and did not plan to win. Losing meant he can always blame it on something or someone else, but he will remain in the spotlight as the guy that almost became president because he was such a rebel. Mission accomplished, done deal, right?

Oh, but a strange twist happened, one of Trump's future overlords, Putin, manipulated the elections and Trump won over Hilary Clinton. No one was more shocked than Trump. What does a man who was only playing running for office going to do when he's actually going to be in office? Well, play president of course. So, after the initial shock of winning resided, Trump found safety in his new scary position by keeping his family close, including bringing them into the white house as staff. 

Shortly after coming into office, people realized Trump was not going to be like your typical politician. Normal politicians have some sort of plan to govern. They know the team that will best help them achieve their platform. They also play some sort of social political game to get what they want. Trump, the accidental president, didn't have a clue about anything. He operates as a narcissist. He responds to those that ingratiates themselves, and he fires those that don't. Same rule applies to dignitaries he comes across. The only time he may go against this is when his overlords, Putin, Russian oligarchs, and globalists, tell him differently. 

Fast forward a couple of years and by now, most everyone are just dumbfounded by Trump. He appears to be getting away with everything, including acting like a child playing the president. The conservative politicians can't stand him. The Left despise him. I, personally, am glad he's the president. Since his win, the curtain had been unceremoniously opened to reveal the Oz of the US. The ignorance, bigotry, and sheer fear is revealed in its raw form. We also get to see the fruits of the dumbing down of America project. 

As a result, people in the Left and Center are livid and taking to the streets. They are running for office in record numbers. The left has move to the radical left, and there's no turning back. I applaud these dramatic changes and people rising to the cause in order to defend what is most important to them. It may be immigrant rights, gender equality, racial equality....or any of the isms we need to fight against. 

So, there's my two cents on Trump. But, what do I predict in the future. I predict no less then revolution. Trump will go to jail. The powers that propped him up will drop him like a hot potato once his title and usefulness disappears. They will find another figurehead in his place. But, then it will already be too late...The revolution will not be televised. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Remembering Don Nakanishi

Don Nakanishi deeply influenced my work. For instance, his earliest research cleverly brought together political science with Ethnic Studies and the local with the global, to give us precursors to transnationalism. However, I would not know Don personally until I was going through a very public and grueling tenure battle. Introduced through one of his many mentees that teach at universities now, Don helped me immediately. He generously shared all he knew about the continued struggles of Asian Americans in higher education. I ultimately won tenure through appeal, a rare occurrence. I attribute that miracle to Don’s assistance. 

After tenure was won, I wanted to offer a token of my gratitude. I had no idea what to give "The Don" – taking into account his possible interests without offending. I overthought. In the end I opted for a maneki-neko charm that had the Japanese script, "Happiness, come over here!," Open fate (in a good way), Invite fortune (and/or happiness)." When he received it he asked how I knew. Turned out Don had a maneki-neko collection, procured during his many trips around the world, that rivals any museum’s. He even mentioned that he had his son video the room there he kept this collection. Indeed, I found that video on the web later. This showed me another dimension of Don that brings a smile to my face every time I recall it. 

I will remember Don in different ways, but it is his fierce determination and sense of right from wrong that I still admire most. His chronicling of his own legendary fight for tenure anthologized in Amerasia Journal published in 1990 was the blueprint for my tenure fight. It also inspired my current completed anthology manuscript, Fight the Tower, about how the attacks against Asian American women in higher education signals serious troubles in universities as a whole. Don was to have written the Prologue for this anthology, which represented his deep involvement for justice up to his last days. I cannot thank Don enough for all he has done for me and the hundreds he has helped in similar fashion. I know he fights on for great causes where he is now and guides us in spirit in this world.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The First and Only Slave Museum in the US

On Whitney Plantation, in the town of Wallace, 35 miles west of New Orleans, there houses the first and only Slave Museum in the US. Understanding the roots and legacies of slavery may help Amerika to understand the on-going race issue and the rampant ignorance around it. John J. Cummings, founder of the Slave Museum, remarks on his journey to learning about the history of slavery, “I had no idea they [slaves] were a commodity and how they were treated like a commodity. I had no idea of how how [sic] deprived they were – not by force of circumstance, but by deliberate planning.“ Ibrahima Seck, the museum’s Director of Research, expands on the learning of slavery, “You don’t just teach slavery. These people have backgrounds. They came from Africa. But, also you have to know, these people came naked or half naked, but, they did not need a suitcase to put their culture inside…”. I will definitely make a trip south for this. It is also just outside of New Orleans!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Asian Ingenuity Story of the Day

I went to purchase an action figure online for my Emmi and Tous. I searched the web for a coupon. Found one for 10% off (Asian score #1). Used it but may have forgotten to press "apply." Anyway, emailed the company's customer service and asked them to apply the 10% discount anyway. They complied (Asian score #2). Then went on the site to check on my purchase and noticed the action figure had just gone on sale. So, emailed customer service again and asked them to give me the new sale price. They agreed to it (Asian score #3)! Bragged to hubby and he shook his head in disbelief. Proud of his Asian wife (Asian score #4). Helps that GoldieBlox also has excellent customer service. Moral of the Asian story? Never hurts to ask – again and again. Oh, did I mention for all my efforts I saved $5.92, a fortune I say. :D

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another John Snow Theory

I miss blogging about my latest obsessions. Maybe I have neglected to post since my thoughts grow increasingly radical, leading me to wonder if my old audience would appreciate or even care the leaps I make. When my interests are not of the edgy nature, I consider that it may be too basic and inconsequential compared to the madness I experienced during my death. My death remains the marker for all things.

True or not, these internal dialogues take away from what I love about blogging, the art of writing. I must thank Monkey Lounge for allowing me the venue all these years to express myself through words. I never really fancied myself a good writer but blogging gave me the necessary confidence and expressive outlet. So, to honor the craft of blogging and by extension, writing, I would like to discuss the much debated issue of the death and possible resurrection of John Snow. This should be fun since life after death is an experience I am quite intimate with.

Let us begin. I agree with most in the blogosphere that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are John Snow's true parents. He is the Song of Ice and Fire, the Ajorah Ahai, and rightful King to the Iron Throne. Therefore, though stabbed to death by the Night's Watchmen at the end of Season 5, John will rise again in Season 6. 

The true identity of John Snow will first be revealed during the funeral burning of his body. Like with Daenerys, John's body will be unscathed by fire, showing to all present that he possesses Targaryen dragon blood. John would have already warged into his direwolf, Ghost, at this point, also reaffirming his Stark lineage. Seeing this, Melisandre uses her red magic to resurrect John. 

This will solidify for all John's true identity and fate. People will flock to follow John. Especially since his resurrection signals a new and more powerful coming of Ajorah Ahai.

*Special thanks to the students from my Asian Diaspora Class for reminding me how much I actually like writing, no matter how challenging.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Being Raw on Social Media

Let's face it, we use social media to present our fantasy persona. We are always happy, looking fabulous, doing something adventurous, and surrounded by intriguing people. We put out only our best selves and provide statements and images to support this characterization. Positive postings invite "likes" and affirming comments. It feeds the ego and gets us through the day.

So, what the hell is happening when some rebels in social media choose to do otherwise. They post about deaths, break-ups, job loses, depression, failing relationships, illnesses, troubled children...I can go on. These posts make us uncomfortable, annoyed, and even pissed. How dare they cloud utopia! How dare they indeed.

Well, I say, kudos to those bastards. Thank you for being real and reminding us we are assholes for being otherwise. Life is not perfect, people are flawed as hell. Shit happens all the time and, frankly, that's okay. I do not mind coarse postings that chill me a bit and leave me cringing at times. I welcome them and envy those that really put themselves out there.

Of course by exposing themselves on social media also makes them vulnerable – vulnerable to family, friends, colleagues,...But, then again, maybe that is the part of the rebellious nature of these posts that I most admire – they are risky. It is a bold affront to the risk-adverse and chicken shit in us all. I stand and applaud those that give it to us raw. Thank you.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#CancelColbert and the Ultimate Fear Factor -- Suey Park!

The issue of the now trending ‪#‎CancelColbert‬ is a tough one. On the one hand I think Colbert is brilliant. I mean, I actually know people that do not get he's playing a right-wing zealot, blatant racist, unapologetic bigoted buffoon. So, he's also an effective modern day satirist -- able to appeal to his core audience while also keeping his real foes puzzled! However, the issue is, if you have not watched his show, not seen the monologue referencing Asian American stereotypes to talk about the Redskin mascot controversy, the "I want to show the ‪#‎Asian‬ community I care by introducing the Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever" tweet in isolation, is a trigger.